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Our family and followers love this donation map because it represents our beautiful, positive journey of spreading hope, love and communication - so I am happy to share our new map of our personal book donations with you all. If someone you care about is going through a tough time, consider sharing this book with them. We have heard from so many people how much it has touched their lives in a time of need, and we hope it continues to do so for others as well. All of the words from friends and family in this amazing book have been read by over 1,000 people, making a beautiful difference and impacting those in need. Thank you all for your continued support and for reading and spreading the word about The Ripple Effect.

400 books have been donated! We are a nonprofit and book purchases fund donations. Click the "Own the Book" tab on this site to help spread the love. Personal donations are requested by loved ones for someone special who can use the healing powers of this book, or, for those who have lost someone special. Everyone's love has helped to spread this special book creating a positive ripple in the world. Thank you all for being a part of it!

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