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Attention friends and family! We are happy to announce that our designer has rebranded The Ripple Effect. There may be a new cover design, but it is the same special book with some minor adjustments/corrections inside.


Those who contributed to this book of stories were all affected by Garrett’s choice to end his life. Anyone who is in a state of hopelessness, where choosing death over life is the only thought, needs a loving witness…or the information provided in The Ripple Effect. It is my family’s desire that The Ripple Effect will be made available through therapists and doctors’ offices, schools and libraries. This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about suicide’s serious impact.


Please email me if you know of any schools, non-profit organizations, libraries, doctors, counselors or other entities that will benefit from this book. I will donate as many books as possible, with your help. Proceeds from purchase of the book will make donations possible. Likewise, if you donate to anyone, or places, please let us know. We would like to keep a Map and see how far reaching these words can go, and hopefully impact the World!


My family has deeply appreciated your support, and if you feel comfortable doing so, please forward this website to anyone you know. You are the first group of people I’ve chosen to announce the fact of this book—please help us spread the news. The creation of this book has been a mission of hope, love and spirit. We pray it will now create a positive ripple effect by providing an inspiring, healing and transformative perspective on the importance of life and unity.

Behind the Book

Laurie Savoie

Founder & Mother

I bring you this book with a heavy heart, but also HOPE. Many who contributed had a heavy, sad heart, but my hope is that they got some cathartic healing and a lightened heart. My hope is that their eyes now see differently--to enjoy every moment, hug someone, talk to a stranger, do a “pay it forward” with no expectations or thanks, contribute to a charity, or just a simple gesture--smile at someone! You might have just changed their minute, their future, their destiny by a simple act of caring and showing them: “They are worth it!!” Blessed moments to all who read this.

Garrett Savoie

Angel & Son

Garrett, we miss you terribly. We love you more than you can imagine and we know that God and your grandparents have welcomed you with open arms as we know you will one day do for us. We love you forever!


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